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Universal Studio Singapore | Guide, tips, reminders and more.

Back then I always dreamed to go to big amusement park and one of that was Universal Studio Singapore. For those who wants also to experience the Universal Studio Singapore let me share to you some Guide, tips on whats the best ride you can experience in USS, reminders and more.

universal studio singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore.

The Universal Studio Singapore is one of the two universal studio in Asia the other is in Osaka japan. Year 2011 officially Universal Studio Singapore has opened. 

For those who've never been to Singapore. Singapore is a none visa country and its very near from the Philippines approximately 4 hours travel time from Mactan International Airport, Cebu, Philippines to Changi Airport, Singapore. 

Guide 1: Booking Tickets.
There are Several ways to buy tickets you can go online or you can buy at the Universal Studio ticketing near entrance. If you want to skip the long line at the USS ticketing then book online via Klook’s Website they will give you instant confirmation and they will send the e-tickets. You can also go to they also sell USS tickets.

Universal Studio Singapore features several attractions form different universal studio movies including Jurassic Park, Madagascar, The mummy, water world, Transformer, Sherk, Puss n boots and many more. Every attraction has its own ride.

universal studio singapore universal studio singapore
universal studio singapore
universal studio singapore universal studio singapore
universal studio singapore

Guide 2: Universal Studio Singapore Zones
Universal Studio Singapore is composed of 7 them zones. Sic-fi City, Hollywood New York, Ancient Egypt, Lost world, Far far Away and madagascar. Every zone has its own attraction, some have rides, 4D movie, restaurants and many more. You can check this Link to view the interactive map.

universal studio singapore
universal studio singapore

Tip 1: Think or research first what ride you want to experience first.
I recommend the Transformer ride. I’ll give you a teaser Imagine you are in a transformer car his name is vortex. Then you’ll go through the city, zipping through subway tunnels, down city streets and across high-rise rooftops, hanging on for dear life while fighting the deceptions. I guaranteed you’ll be amaze after.

universal studio singapore

For more Info visit this page. Click Here

Tip 2: Universal Studio opens at 10am.
So as early as 9:40am you should be there as what they say "early bird catches the worm”. If you are early the line is not that long so you can enjoy your first ride and you take many pictures as you can  because the crowd is still lesser.

universal studio singapore

Guide 3: Arrival.
When you arrive at the Universal Studio Singapore, just show the e-copy ticket if its in you mobile phone or printed copy if its printed, then scan at the turnstile and the when it open you can now enter the park. easy peasy.

universal studio singapore

Tip 3: Roller Coaster Fanatic.

If you are a Roller Coaster fanatic like me don't miss the CYLON and the HUMAN, I swear so far the longest and fastest roller coaster I ever tried.

universal studio singapore

Universal Studio Singapore Highlights:

  • TRANSFORMER The Ride: The Ultimate 3D battle - the world’s first transformer ride
  • Battlestar Gallactica: HUMAN and CYLON - The Tallest duelling Roller Coaster ride
  • Revenge of the Mummy - Scary Roller Coaster
  • Waterworld - Entertainment / Show
  • Jurrasic Park - Water adventure and Ride
  • Far far away - 4D Sherk Movie
  • Puss N boots - Ride
  • Madagascar - Ride
  • Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase - Ride

More Tips and Reminders: 

- Singapore is humid so I suggest you wear a breathable clothes and bring extra.
- Be sure to wear a pair of comfortable shoes because its “ALL WALK YOU CAN”
- For lining up for a ride make sure the queue is not that long so that you will not waste precious time.
- This one is base on my experience some tourist can be rude and skip lines so its up to you if you will let them.
- Do check the schedule for the meet and greet movie characters
- There are also automatic lockers available. first 2 hours is free but the succeeding you need to pay.

universal studio singapore universal studio singapore
universal studio singapore universal studio singapore universal studio singapore

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