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Siargao Island Travel: Guide for first time budget travelers and things to do in the island. 3 days 2 nights

Siargao Island is also known as one of the top surfing and paradise destinations for vacationers across the world, The Island is part of the province of Surigao del Norte, Philippines it is situated at the northeastern part of Mindanao.

A tropical island with surrounding coral reef and coconut palms. Your typical island paradise with a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere that makes you wants to stay for a long time. Surfing is the main attraction in Siargao, an international surfing competition being held annually making this island a paradise for Pro surfers and For those who want to learn to surf, It is best to go during the southwest "habagat" monsoon from August to November.

How to get there.

There are several ways to get to Siargao:

1. FLY DIRECT to Siargao (Note: currently all direct flights are via Cebu) From Sayak Airport, you can reach General Luna where Most hotels, leisure's, night life and the infamous cloud 9 is located you can reach there by van or (motorbike) for about 40 minutes. You can easily hail either mode of transport right outside the airport.

2. FERRY from Cebu City- Surigao City then to Siargao Island.

Trips are now on a daily basin from Cebu-Surigao city and vice versa by Cokaliong shipping lines, The ferry departs at 7pm and and reaches Surigao City by 3am at Eva Macapagal Terminal, Upon arrival you can catch the 4am ferry for Dapa Port of Siargao. Approximately a 2-3 hour ferry ride to Siargao.

MV Precious Ferry

Surigao - Dapa - 4AM Daily

Dapa - Surigao - 10AM Daily

Montenegro Shipping (RORO)

Surigao - Dapa(Siargao Island) | 5:00AM and 12:00Noon

Dapa - Surigao | 5:00AM

Port: Eva Macapagal Terminal, Borromeo St., Surigao City

Angel 2 (Fast Ferry)

Surigao - Dapa | ETD 11:30am - ETA 1:45pm

Dapa - Surigao | ETD 5:30am - ETA 7:45am

Contact: 0942.0428297

Port: Eva Macapagal Terminal, Borromeo St., Surigao City

Angel 1 (Fast Ferry)

Surigao - Dapa | ETD 5:30am - ETA 8:00am

Dapa - Surigao | ETD 11:30am - ETA 1:45pm

Port: Eva Macapagal Terminal, Borromeo St., Surigao City

MV Yohan (Fast Ferry)

Surigao - Dapa | ETD 6:00am & 10:30am

Dapa - Surigao | ETD 6:00am & 11:30am

Port: Eva Macapagal Terminal, Borromeo St., Surigao City

Where to stay?

siargao island

General Luna is where you will find most forms of relatively cheap accommodations that fit your needs.

If you like to have your private space that does not necessarily require you to use up most of your travel budget, there are also smaller resorts for a price of no more than ₱2,500.

If you want a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere no noise, no trash, no vendors, and no party by the beach until early morning and no loud music – then you will love White Sands Paradise Beach Resort. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar and free private parking is available, on the other hand the location is a 40 min motorbike ride to General Luna and network coverage is limited.

TIP: Avoid staying out around midnight if you haven’t rented a bike or have a scheduled pick-up, Habal-habal fares usually increases at this time and some places are still not well lit.

Getting around the island

Rent a Bike

Renting a motorcycle is the cheapest option to get around the island standard rate for motorcycle rental is P300-P500/day exclusive of gas, have your driver’s license ready and an extra ID (intentional drivers license can also be used).

NOTE: It would be best to rent at Dapa so that you can use the motorcycle in getting back.

If you can’t drive or just too scared to drive and don’t have a driver’s license then the best option would be to hire a motorcycle. For P1500, your driver will take you to the best spots on the island.

Places to Eat

Explore around General Luna – the busiest town and the tourists hub in the island where restaurants are located.

If your looking good food and relaxing ambiance then try Bravo Restaurant located at Tourism Rd, Barangay 5, General Luna definitely worth the price.

Things to do

This list of things to do in Siargao has to begin with surfing; it is after all the surfing capital of the Philippines. A lot of the waves are the perfect playground for beginners – advanced surfers.

For non-surfers you can hire a trainer for basic surfing lessons for P500 per hour inclusive of the surfboard.

Unfortunately I met an accident, some tourist was not looking where he was going. But don't worry there is a stand by first aid station.

siargao island

Rub it off with a bottle of ice cold Beer

Surfing Spots Guide

siargao island

siargao island

Surfer Board Rentals

siargao island

siargao island

Cloud 9

siargao island siargao island

siargao island

There are a lot of things to do in cloud 9 aside from surfing you can beach bum and watch the locals and pros tearing up the waves while enjoying a cold drink. And Meet Oscar-the sea loving 2-year-old golden retriever dog of Siargao Islands. Observing from afar, you can see that he can never be bothered just chilling while dipping in the water. I also noticed that most dogs in this island are well fed and groomed well, even the local breeds. This place is not only a haven for sea lovers but for all animals as well.

siargao island

Cloud 9 tower closed

siargao island

Unfortunately the infamous cloud 9 tower was closed during our trip According to signages, they will implement structural repairs and strengthening to avoid possible accidents due to its deteriorating condition.

Island hopping (Guyam, Daku and Naked island)

siargao island

One of the most popular activities in Siargao, There are three beautiful islands just a 15 minutes boat trip away from General Luna, you can rent a motorized banca for P1500 for an exclusive use. You can either bring your own food or eat your lunch before you leave and just bring along snacks with you. Enjoy everything each island has to offer. Please make sure to throw your garbage properly it will make a big difference in the long run if we start practicing this.

Magpupungko rock pools

siargao island

Entrance Fee

Magpupungko Tidal Pool - P50

Just a 30 mins drive from General Luna this is definitely a place to visit with rock pools and beautiful rock formations that offer an awesome spot for hours of exploring,cliff jumping and taking Instagram worthy photos.

Tak-tak waterfall

siargao island

Entrance Fee

Taktak Falls - P25

From the place we stayed tak-tak waterfall was just a 15 minutes drive. If you're staying in general luna the place is a bit far but worth the drive. Taktak falls--it was an early morning side trip before leaving Siargao. The way there wasn't easy too off road, but it was all worth it. One might say that the falls isn't as majestic as others but the feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle of crowded sites and hearing nothing but the rush of water and distant calls of wild birds is truly magical.

Unfortunately due to time constraints this remains un-ticked off in my bucket list! You should include this on your trip. According to my friends who has experienced this it was one of most beautiful travel experiences they ever had.

• Bucas Grande and the Sohoton Caves Boat Trip

• Sugba Lagoon

According to them the boat tour to Bucas Grande and Sohoton Caves costs Php5,000.00 but it is good for 8 people only. While for Sugba Lagoon: Hotels can always organize the trip, but if you want it cheaper, you can always go to Del Carmen’s marine protection office and share a boat with other visitors.

Do you have any other tips for Siargao Island that you think we should share? Let us know in the comments below!

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