APRIL 13 2018 Ocean Park Hong kong
Guide and tips Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean park is the 13th most visited park around the world, and the largest park in Asia. It is one of the most visited  park attractions in Hongkong both by local and foreign tourist.


Don't go on peak days like weekends because Hongkong residents have annual passes which they can use on their free days so expect it will be crowded during the weekends, school and public holidays.

How to get tickets.

Book online through their Ocean Park hong kong official website to avoid long lines. click here.
another option is through klook.com sometimes they sell promo tickets with freebies.

Ocean Park Tickets Price:

Adults: $480 HKD

Children: $240 HKD


For 3 years old below it is free of admission.

The general admission is good for one day. IT’S RIDE ALL YOU CAN!


Opening Time.

Ocean Park Hongkong opens at 10am local time. Better be early to take good picture beacuase its not that crowded and the line of the rides is not that long.


Ocean Park Map.

You can download the  Ocean park mobile app to browse its map and schedule. They also provide printed maps so better secure one for you to explore the park more



Ocean park splits into to levels

- Waterfront level - is the main entrance and MTR stop

- Summit level - is where rides located




They are far aways from each other its like 2 separate mountains so you need to ride the cable car or take the ocean express train.highly recommended to use the cable car for a better view of ocean park from above. However the queue is very long I highly recommend you come early. 

Extreme Rides

Hair Raiser

For adrenaline junkies i would reccomend this ride for it features steep drops and sharp curves.


The Flash

One of the craziest ride I ever rode. You better hold on to the handles  because ride whisks you into the air and spins you around so fast that you might meet your maker lol At dizzying top speeds , you will be whirled full circle with nothing to stop you and nothing under your feet. A thrill that will make  hardcore visitors call their mama.


The Dragon

A monster that screws you in  full 360°  at the speed of a hurricane, The ultimate Hong Kong roller coaster experience.
 Enter the Dragon and meet your greatest challenge.

The Abyss

One of Ocean Park’s ultimate thrill ride  Get ready to be plunge  straight to the ground via free fall and scream like a little girl.


I did try also some rides like the Crazy Galleon, Eagle, Ferris wheel. Others were just like for kids like the Clown a round, Bumper Blaster, Merry go around and the Flying swing. You will feel the atmosphere of fun and it's a very awesome feeling.

The Grand Aquarium

If your in to sea creatures you should visit this place. It will take you to the darkest depths of the ocean. You will see rare aquatic animals visit a reef tunnel and many more.

The shark Mystique

A unique  showcase of sharks and rays! get to see whats life like under the sea with these creatures get up close and look at them in the eye. if your into this you'd better visit this attraction.



South Pole Spectacular

A dream come true to me, Watching penguin movies make me dream to watch them in person and yeah I finally saw them and they are very adorable.


Ocean Theater

The last attraction  we went was the Ocean Theater. In our visit the show starts around 3:30pm, but there are several schedules 11:30am, 2:00pm, 3:30pm and 5:30pm. The show last for 20 to 30 mins. They also have a meet and greet with the animal ambassadors at 4:00pm but the schedule is subject to change depending  on the weather condition.




Do you have any other tips for Ocean Park Hong Kong that you think we should share? Let us know in the comments below!

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