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Cuatro Isla : The four scenic Islands of leyte | Guide and Reminders

Cuatro Islas is a foursome of islets off the western coast of Leyte, Foreign and local tourists flock to Cuatro Islas for its beauty comparable to other white sand beaches in the country. Its smallest island, Digyo, is the most popular of these four islands as it features  powdery white sands. Apid, Digyo, Mahaba are all within the jurisdiction of Inopacan and, Himokilan in Hindang, Leyte

cuatro islas Digyo of Cuatro Islas Sand Bar


Its better to make use of your time and stay overnight to enjoy  the island. I’ll give you more tips and reminders but before that I’ll teach you how to get there. 

cuatro islas Digyo of Cuatro Islas
cuatro islas Digyo of Cuatro Islas

How to get there?

You can either book a plane to Cebu or Tacloban.

I'll be doing Tacloban first. I would recommend a v-hire ride to Maasin City VIA (BayBay Leyte) from Tacloban for convenience purposes, Its a 3 hour long ride so it would be better to bring along some snacks and fully charge your gadgets to keep you occupied. do tell the driver to drop you off at the public market of Inopacan. Once at the public market, head towards the back of the Municipal Hall, which is the bay walk. There, you will find the registration area and the launching pad of the boats that you can hire for Cuatro Islas.

From Cebu.

You have plenty of options but I would highly recommend you  take the ferry bound for Hilongos Leyte.you can either book a ticket from Roble shipping lines or Gabisan Shipping lines they both have 2 daily trips. 12NN and 9PM. For Roble and 2:30pm and 9pm for Gabisan Shipping Lines. Travel time is approximately 5hrs. upon arrival in Hilongos you can either hike to the jeepney terminal or take a "potpot" ride and tell the driver to drop you off  there. From there you can take a jeepney or bus ride to Inopacan. Travel time is approximately 20-30 mins.

cuatro islas

More Info Schedule & Fare for Roble Shipping: Click Here

cuatro islas Mahaba of Cuatro Islas

Cuatro islas fee.

10 pax and below  


Php 2,500 Island Hopping/Overnight

Php 2,000 Good for one (1) island only

11-22 pax  


Php 3,500 Island Hopping/Overnight

Php 3,000 Good for one (1) island only

23 pax and up 


Php 5,000 Island Hopping/Overnight

Php 4,500 Good for one (1) island only

Entry Fees

₱50 – maintenance fee (LGU)
₱10 – environmental fee (DENR)
₱10 – maintenance fee (Barangay)

Boat Rentals

₱2,500 – up to 10 persons (includes island hopping)
₱3,000 – 11 to 20 persons (includes island hopping)
₱4,000 – 21 to 30 persons (includes island hopping)
₱500 – overnight surcharge

Cottage Rentals

₱500 – closed cottage (day use)
₱300 – open cottage (day use)
₱200 – tent
₱50 – overnight surcharge

Other Fees

₱30 – Container of fresh water for bathing or cleaning
₱50 – Space for tent
₱50 – Cooking charge (if you hate the hassle of cooking your own food)


It is best to bring your own food and a lot of drinking water.You may also order packed lunch from nearby Eateries. But this has to be done in advance. If your into freshly catched sea food there are there are local fishermen selling a variety of seafood's, which they can cook  at an extra charge. If you are to bring food please make sure to throw your garbage properly.  it will make a big difference in the long run if we start practicing this. Just bring  garbage bags with you for all your trash.

Mahaba Island

Where to stay

If you love Camping, Digyo or Mahaba Island is one of the best options, You may also rent native huts for P500 if you prefer to sleep inside a cottage. in addition, you can also rent tables for Php 50 and chairs Php 10


  • Tent
  • Camping Gears
  • Lamp
  • Flashlight
  • Dry Bag
  • Food
  • Cook set
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes
  • Sunblock
  • Water.

And finally cap off your day at the beach and watch the sun as it sets.  It’s the perfect place to  relax while enjoying a bottle of beer  at the shore,Free your mind share good laughs and enjoy each others company.

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