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Canigao Island D.I.Y  travel Guide

Canigao is actually an islet located near the Municipality of Matalom, Leyte. This Island is one of the most visited tourist beach destinations in Leyte.

The area is known for its abundant fishing grounds and extensive white sands around the island, it also features a lighthouse  in the middle of an island and you can really go visit the whole island because of it's circular shape. 

canigao island

The island also boasts a variety of  tropical sea creatures and a wide ranging coral reef in the surrounding waters which serves as one of the island's gems that attracts both local and foreign tourist.

canigao island

A certain part of the  island is  under a nature conservation program by the local government as a sanctuary. Activities on the said area such as swimming, diving, fishing, snorkeling, and boating in the preserved areas are prohibited by law.  

Canigao is now controlled by the local government unit of Matalom, so its more organized than before.

Reaching this paradise island is easy breezy. Here are some tips to follow.(Take it from me im one of the locals :) Now lets get started. Let me guide you on what to bring, things to do  and how to reach this beautiful Island of Canigao.


Poblacion Canigao Port is under renovation, So temporarily they open a port at Sitio Nonok, Barangay Itum, Matalom, Leyte.

How to get there

Now, getting there is not that hard at all. You can either book a plane to Cebu or Tacloban. I'll be doing Tacloban first. 

  1. I would recomend a v-hire ride to matalom from tacloban for convinience purposes, Its a 3 hour long ride so it would be better to bring allong some munchies and fully charge your gadgets to keep you occupied. 
  2. You can tell the driver to drop you at Sitio Nonok, Barangay Itum port for canigao island. Its not that hard to locate the port its near the highway and you can also Ask the friendly locals to make it easier to locate.

 For tourist from cebu you can follow the steps that I posted bellow.

Better to bring sunblock, food, water and importantly booze. You can  bring your own tent, there’s a space rental fee of 100 pesos, in addition, there are also some cottages where you and your friends and family can stay overnight, lastly there are tables and chairs for rent. 

canigao island

canigao island

If your into freshly catched sea food there are ”paluto” style canteens in the island. Where there are a variety of seafoods such as Scallops, fish, crabs etc. You just add a P20 cooking fee. There are also sari-sari stores in the island that sells food and merchandise. 

Toilets and showers are also available on the island for a fee.

Cebu to Matalom, Leyte

1. Okay, so from Cebu you can go to terminal 2 (pier 3) and you can look for Medallion Transport ticketing office.

canigao island

2. Then you can book  ticket to Cebu City to Bato, Leyte. Check below for the schedule or you can visit there facebook page: Click Here

canigao island

3. When you arrived at the port of Bato the terminal of V-hire or Multicabs is only walking distance. From Terminal you can ride Multicab going to Canigao Island port just tell the driver where you heading.

canigao island

4. Basically the driver will drop you at the corner of the street not exactly at the port so you need to walk a few distances to reach the port of Canigao.

canigao island

5. So you reach Sitio Nonok, Barangay Itum port for canigao island. You need to pay for the fare going to the Island. See the list below:

canigao island
canigao island
For more info you can check the Official Canigao Island Facebook Page: Click here

Parking lot is provided and its free

canigao island

canigao island
canigao island

You can also buy souvenirs

canigao island

canigao island

Things to do in the island

1. Explore the whole island there's always something exciting about exploring a new place. It could be a new city or a interesting spot in your home town. Exploring the island would not take that long, do include in your stops to take pictures photos and selfies in landscapes and long stretches of the white sand beach

2. Relax. It’s the perfect place to   relax and at the same time have a good time with friends and family, you can choose to set up a hammock in between trees to relax and free your mind from the hassle and bussle of city life.

3. Make new friends and party like a rockstar! it may be awkward in the first place but Don't be hesitant. Go out and make new friends. Be local or foreign tourist. Trust me it will be one of the most memorable times of your life :) 

4. Swim all you can. To get your dose of Vitamin Sea and cap off your wonderful trip.take a swim in the crystal clear and cool waters, as you get up it gets even colder because of the sea breeze

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