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Budget travelers Camotes Island travel guide

Camotes Island is a quiet place and totally worth a visit. I will be posting this DIY Itinerary for the benefit of budget travellers who would like to visit the place.

Camotes Island is situated in Central Visayas, in the Philippines.The Island has 3 main islands Poro, Pacijan and Ponson Island. Why was it called “Camotes Island?” According to a popular story  the spaniards were asking for the name of the island at first the local thought the visitors were asking for what they were planting so they told them "kamotes" (sweet potatoes) thus the name camotes island was born. Recently Camotes has seen its share of increased visitors. Appart from natural and man made attraction the island also has several dive spots.

camotes island

How to get there

  • There are several ports from cebu to Camotes. Poro is the main port, where the ferry from Cebu city arrives you can also check the ocean jet's official page for the official trip schedule
  • Our starting point was Mandaue City. We took a bus from mandaue pacific mall to Danao Camotes Ferry Terminal. The fare was Php25.00/per person. Travelling time is Approximately 2 hours from Danao port going to Camotes Consuelo Port. 

 Ferry fare

Economy Seating (Open Air) Php180.00 
Tourist Seating (Air Condition) Php 200.00 you can also check the photo posted below for the Jomalia shipping lines scheduled trip. by the way you can also bring  you own car or motorcycle for convinience or Rent a scooter and explore the island. 

camotes island


Uppon arrival in the Port of Consuelo you can immediately see  transport vehicles standing by,  So transportation is not a problem. 

Transport packages:

Habal Habal (Moterbike or Scooter) – can be rented as a self-drive or with a driver. PHP 500/day exclusive of gas.
Tricycle (Motorbike with sidecar) - the rates may vary on what places you  guys want to go. you and the driver can negotiate the rental price.
If you guys are in big group you can rent jeepney:
Price range PHP 1,500.00 to PHP 2,000.00 - but again you and the owner can still negotiate depending on the places you want to go 

Where to stay? 


There are several cheap hostels around Santiago beach, Prices can range from P800-P1200 for both air-conditioned and non air-condition units. Highly recomended to stay around Santiago bay. The white sand beaches which is comparable to boracay  is just a walking distance and there are several cheap eateries nearby equipped with hygiene standards and hospitable locals. 

camotes island

Mangodlong Paradise Resort

South of Consuelo port. Best resort quality and price wise on the island. For ₱3000. (Standard room)

camotes island

Places to Visit


Camotes is also knows for its caves so you better not skip it.

camotes island

Paraiso Cave

Entrace Fee PHP 25 | plus 10 if you will swim inside the cave
This place is worth the visit. An underground cave with a clear blue pool of water. its very Romantic and exclusive. Hmmm :)

Timobo Cave

Entrance Fee PHP 15
a fun walk down the stairs to what feels like deep underground, Nice and spooky It has a dark water corridor that you can swim through. At the end you can climb over some rocks and take photos 

camotes island

Bukilat Cave 

Entrance Fee PHP 20
 One of a kind nature craft as sun light falls in through open holes above. Walk around the cave pools and watch stalactites and stalagmites take photos make sure not to use flash because you can startle the bats.  



Resort Entrance – PHP 40
Take instagram-worthy photos and enjoy the beach.

camotes island

LAKE DANAO (Higly recomended to get there early in the morning) 

Entrance fee- PHP 15 
You can engage in a variety of activities such as kayaking, boat ride, horseback riding, picnic and more. 

camotes island


Entrance Fee -PHP 20
Great as a viewingeck to explore the turquoise waters of Camotes’. Spend time enjoying the place like Swimming, snorkeling, diving (from the rock), enjoy each others company. 

camotes island

ISLA TULANG DIOT (A must visit island in Camotes) 

Fare :P 20 each
Environmental fee P10
Tulang Diot is the smallest island located near the island of Pacijan. Diot means “small” You can clearly see the white shore as youre getting near to the island. While on their white sand, you can rent a table and chairs for a minimal price for your food and drinks. They also have a world-class snorkeling reef on the west side you can negotiate with the locals for the boat rental and snorkling equipments.

camotes island

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