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Why you shouldn't share too much information on Facebook

Like me you certainly enjoy mobile and networking apps, Sharing photos and information. But be aware that sharing too much information can put you and your family at risk.

Recently facebook got involve in a controversy regarding data harvesting. Millions were affected by the Facebook data harvesting done by British political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytical. We don’t know yet the intentions of these app developers nor the company to your personal information. You can be a victim of identity theft.

In this culture of oversharing information, We put in a scary amount of data out there and sometimes we forget that some things are better hidden from public eye and the cloud.


  1. In social media don’t fill out all your personal information in the profile. Like birthdays, business email, home address and even the last school attended.
  2. Add only people you know personally to your friends list
  3. Avoid posting up to date information. Stalkers can easily track you
  4. Don’t post a layout of your house. (Video or Pictures) It’s like inviting a stranger to your house.
  5. Be careful in some embedded sharing apps that are asking for confirmation in accessing your personal information.
  6. Be careful in clicking shared links specially if its suspicious don’t click it.

It's really fun sharing Photos, Activities and Information on social media but always remember not to disclose everything for this makes you an easy prey for cyber criminals. I hope this article scared the pants out of you and make you think before you click. The truth is, you can’t trust social media. Always guard your personal information.

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McGuy is a registered nurse same time a writer/editor for a blog