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How to Start an Egg Poultry / Chicken Egg Laying Business in the Philippines

If you’re planning to invest your money and you don’t have a big capital, poultry is one of the businesses you should consider. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment’s or machinery. Egg poultry business provides eggs to customers it can be sari-sari stores, grocery stores or individual and etc.

I got a chance to interview my uncle who owns a small egg poultry business in our Province Maasin, So. Leyte. According to him this business is not that bad, you can really earn big if you just take care of your chickens.

Finding a good location.

The ideal location for egg poultry is in the provinces, Not too close to residential areas because the smell from the waste products of the chickens can be an inconvenience to residents nearby.  My uncle lives in Manila but his egg poultry business is in Villa Jacinta So. Leyte. 

Business Registration and Requirements

  • Registration the name of the business to the Department of Trade and Industry DTI.
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Mayor’s Permit and License / Sanitary Permit
  • Tax Identification Number TIN
  • Environmental certificate

Capital needed.

For landowners you can start at 50k to 70k capital. 50k for 100 or more for ready to lay Chickens and 20k for the poultry house.

Breed Quality.

You can find many breeders online but you  should be careful of choosing the right breed for your business. Lohmann chicken, this breed lays large white eggs. As long as they have enough food, water and heat they can lay 1 egg per day and up to 300 eggs per year. They start laying at 17 to 18 weeks old.

Poultry Supplies

Feeds supplier is very important, your supplier must be reliable and has good quality feeds. Highly recommend that you use Vantage feeds.

Healthy Chickens

Healthy chickens come with good egg harvesting. Make sure your chickens must undergo regular checkups or have your facilities inspected to avoid future problems.

Harvesting and Pricing

A hundred chickens can produce up to 92 to 98 eggs a day given not all 100 will lay. It’s like 2 and 3/4 trays of eggs. Selling eggs is not by piece it should be by trays. You can price it Php190 per trays.

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